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5 Best IPTV Providers for Arabic Channels

Ready to enjoy the exceptionally high-quality streams from the Arabian side? Here, the roller coaster of the 5 Best IPTV Providers for Arabic Channels is waiting for you! Let’s grab a seat! For safety! It’s mandatory to tighten up your seatbelts! Otherwise, we are not responsible for any soreness. What you will discover in this ride is given below.

In this wild journey, you will find the 5 Best IPTV providers for Arabic media. Each one has a set of spectacular offers which will leave you speechless. All of them have designed a highly lucrative collection of channels, movies, TV series, and many more. From their working efficiency to stability, everything seems flawless.

Our Top Picks

5 Best IPTV Providers for Arabic Channels


Connect 5 devices simultaneously, Premium channels from Arabic and worldwide, Buffer free service, EPG & TV guide. Compatible with all major devices
5 Best IPTV Providers for Arabic Channels

2. Comstar TV10000+ CHANNELS & 48 HOURS FREE TRIAL

Premium Arabic and worldwide channels, Support for all devices and platforms, 99.99% uptime, Excellent EGP & TV guide, dedicated support team.
5 Best IPTV Providers for Arabic Channels

3. Bunnystream15000+ CHANNELS & 24 HOURS FREE TRIAL

All premium channels from the Arabic world and worldwide, 20000+ VoDs, dedicated support staff, all devices supported, Excellent EPG
Necro IPTV usa


All popular channels from the Arabic world and the rest of the world. 2 devices simultaneously, VPN-friendly, affordable pricing
5 Best IPTV Providers for Arabic Channels


Multi connections packages available, excellent support staff, and all popular channels from the Arabic world & rest of the world. Support all popular devices.

Oh! The ride just started.

At the start, we were reading about these IPTV services causally. Then, eventually! There comes the first jolt of the superb offer of hundreds of Arabic channels and movies given by these providers. Oops! This crazy ride seems like a sinusoidal wave. Don’t worry, at the end of the trip, you will find the best one!

Let’s read it thoroughly!

1. FalconTV

If someone asks, Which IPTV provider is the best according to today’s needs? Then, one name will pop out, i.e., FalconTV. But why?

There are plenty of reasons behind its popularity, and we will jot down these striking aspects one by one. FalconTV is known for delivering high-quality, smooth streams from all over the globe. It is ruling on the top in the United States, United Kingdom, and many more. A fine collection of Arabic Channels will leave you speechless on exploring more into it. YES, this statement is true.

FalconTV’s content bucket has major Arabic news, sports, weather, and entertainment channels. In short, this IPTV provider has a dining table on which dishes from all over the globe are available. Additionally, the taste of these dishes is utterly hypnotizing!

Now, it’s the time to jump onto those mouth-watering features of FalconTV:

  • Channels: FalconTV has 4,000+ LIVE HD channels. Moreover, out of these channels, FalconTV has especially dedicated a decent quantity of channels for Arabic media. It is one of the biggest reasons behind its addition to the list of the 5 Best IPTV providers for Arabic channels.
  • Channel genres list: It includes news, sports, entertainment, religion, comedy, music, cartoons, and many more channels.
  • Sports Category: FalconTV’s sports collection is mind-boggling. The major Middle East sports channel bEIN sports and many more are available on it. Moreover, it also has channels like Super Sports, FITE TV, World Cricket, PPV events, and so on.
  • VoD: 40,000+ FHD movies and TV series are just one click away!
  • International streams: It has worldwide content. Major global contributors are the USA, UK, Arab Emirates, Brazil, Spain, Israel, and more.
  • Constant Updates: FalconTV updates its content on a daily basis. Recently, they have added more streams in the news and entertainment section.
  • Compatibility: It has no issues with any of the gadgets. Android TV/Box, Firestick/TV, NVidia Shield, and more.
  • Free trial and connections per subscription: FalconTV offers a 24 –hour free trial and 5 connections per subscription for just $20 per month.
  • Customer care: FalconTV offers a convenient mode of communication, i.e., 24/7 LIVE chats.
  • Pocket-friendly packages:
  • 1 – Month = $20
  • 3 – Months = $40
  • 1 – year = $80

Payment methods involve VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Network.

2. Comstar TV

“An IPTV provider who is giving access to limitless content from every region of the world.”

This is the perfect definition of Comstar TV. Even a glance at the content list of this IPTV service will give you an “awe” situation. From the USA to the Arab Emirates, Comstar TV satisfies everyone. It has a definitive list of Arabic channels for news, sports, entertainment, and many more.

Furthermore, the magic of this IPTV provider doesn’t end here. It has superb display quality, more free trial time, 99% Uptime, and an attractive yearly offer.

Without further delay, let’s unveil one of the best IPTV providers for Arabic Channels.

  • Channels: Comstar TV provides a pool of 10,000+ SD, HD, and FHD channels. It has more than 750 Major Arabic channels.
  • Channel genres list: Its thousands of channels cover every genre. This list ranges from news, local, sports, entertainment, weather, cartoons, and many more.
  • Sports Category: Comstar TV’s sports category is colossal. Its worldwide range of sports channels is simply spellbinding. Arabic sports channels like AD Sport 1, 2 HD, bEIN sports (extensive list of its channels from HD to FHD), PPV events, and many more are available in a single subscription.
  • VoD: 9,000+ global new and trendy movies and trendy content are on the hit list of Comstar TV.
  • International streams: The global reach of this IPTV provider is simply superb! The streams from the USA, UK, Canada, Russia, France, Malaysia, Pakistan, and more are available.
  • Constant Updates: Comstar TV’s network has been growing and expanding for the last 3 years. Moreover, they are using stable servers to end the hiccups like buffering and freezing.
  • Compatibility: It has no issues with any of the devices.
  • Free trial and connections per subscription: 48 – hour free trial and more connections with different packages are available.
  • Customer care: 24/7 online service is available.
  • Pocket-friendly packages: 
  • 1-Month = $14.99
  • 3-Months = $29.99
  •  6-Months  = $49.99
  • 1-year = $79.99

If you take the yearly plan, you just have to pay $6.6 per month! Payment gateways are MasterCard, VISA, Bitcoin, American Express, and Discover Network.

3. Bunnystream

Bunnystream is one of the top-notch IPTV providers for Arabic channels. It has hundreds of highly-operating Arabic channels, from news to the entertainment industry – everything is available.

From birth to now, Bunnystream has added a delicious combo of streams. They update their content on a daily basis. Therefore, more and the latest content hit their list constantly. In the last three years, they have evolved a lot. It shares a strong bond with its audience because of its work ethic and stability. We recommend this service for users who want to enjoy diverse media because it provides global streams of high quality for just $15 per month!

Let us dive more into its offers and aspects. So, let’s begin:

  • Channels: Bunnystream has 15,000+ channels in HD, FHD, and 4K quality. Moreover, it has a superb collection of 550+ startling Arabic channels.
  • Channel genres list: It includes news, local, entertainment, drama, sports, comedy, religion, cartoons, music, and many more channels.
  • Sports Category: The sports portion is utterly outstanding. It has all the major sports channels from all over the globe. More than 27 Arabic popular sports channels are available.
  • VoD: Surprisingly, the VoD section is as colossal as the above ones. It has 20,000+ movies and 20,000+ TV series in its content bucket.
  • International streams: Bunnystream covers the global streams from the USA, UK, Poland, Arab Emirates, Sweden, France, Germany, Netherland, and so on.
  • Constant Updates: Bunnystream adds new content on a daily basis. More and more trendy content is ready to display on your screens.
  • Compatibility: Devices like Android, iPhone, iPad, Roku TV, Windows, LG Smart TV, and more are compatible.
  • Free trial and connections per subscription: 1 – day free trial is available. The user can enjoy Bunnystream’s content on one device only.
  • Customer care: It has extremely fast and superbly functioning customer care.
  • Pocket-friendly budget: 
  • 1-Month = $15
  •  3-Months = $35
  • 6-Months = $55
  • 1-year= $85

Payment gateways are PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, and many more.

4. Necro IPTV

Necro IPTV is another name for reliability and stability. For the last four years, this IPTV provider has been offering remarkable services to thousands of its users. Moreover, it is also known as one of the best IPTV Providers for Arabic channels. Although its content list isn’t huge compared to other providers, the quality is undoubtedly miraculous.

Let’s check its aspects in detail

  • Channels: It has 2,000+ channels in high definition 1080p.
  • Channel genres list: It includes news, sports, local, entertainment, and more channels in its index.
  • Sports Category: Necro IPTV has a great list of premium sports channels for sports enthusiasts.
  • International streams: Even though Necro IPTV’s content list isn’t huge. But, they have tried their best to gather streams from all over the globe.
  • Constant Updates: Necro IPTV is working more on its stability. That’s why it’s been in the IPTV market for the last 4 years.
  • Compatibility: It works with Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Smart TV, Ministra, and more.
  • Free trial and connections per subscription: It has a 3-day paid trial of $3.99. Moreover, on the monthly package, Necro IPTV allows its user to enjoy its seamless streams on 2 devices simultaneously.
  • Customer care: Check its website for any queries.
  • Pocket-friendly packages: 
  • 1 – Month = $11.99
  • 12 – Months =$79.99

Payment gateways are PayPal, Bitcoin, and Credit/Debit cards.

5. Snap IPTV

Snap IPTV is a renowned name in the world of IPTV. Because of its efficiency and higher operating system, they have gained an excellent command of global content. Furthermore, they have secured one more milestone of being one of the best IPTV providers for Arabic channels.

Snap IPTV wants its user to have maximum even on a small budget. For this, they have thousands of channels and movies to deliver with zero buffering and freezing. Moreover, this IPTV provider is constantly working on expanding its versatile collection up to the following levels. Well, it’s time to check each of its features in detail.

  • Channels: Snap IPTV has 10,000+ SD, HD, 3D and FHD channels. While some of its channels are available in 4K quality, too – sounds great! Moreover, its content bucket has hundreds of significant Arabic channels.
  • Channel genres list: It includes all the loved genres like news, weather, local, sports, entertainment, comedy, religion, music, cartoons, and many more.
  • Sports Category: Snap IPTV has a global cluster of central and local sports channels. Arabic sports channels are also included in their list in a hefty amount.
  • VoD: Its VoD portion is simply breathtaking! Snap IPTV has a good collection of 45,000+ latest movies and TV series.
  • International streams: Snap IPTV delivers content from 56 countries. It is simply massive!
  • Compatibility: Snap IPTV shares a comfortable bond with Firestick, Fire TV Box, PC, Kodi, Enigma, perfect player, and many more.
  • Free trial and connections per subscription: 1 – day free trial is available. Furthermore, Snap IPTV offers three connections per subscription, but the packages will be different in this case.
  • Pocket-friendly packages: 
  • 1 – Month = $15
  • 3 – Months = $29
  • 6 –Months = $49
  • 12 – Months = $85

Payment gateways are Credit/Debit cards and Bitcoin.

Final thoughts:  Finally, this crazy ride of the 5 Best IPTV providers for Arabic channels has ended. The mentioned IPTV providers have all the desired and demanded features according to today’s needs. Moreover, none of them has ever compromised on any of the aspects. Their years of service are enough to show their credibility. I hope you have found the right one!



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